Creating 'The Flexible Workspace Ecosystem'

After many months of careful planning and outreach, we were able to connect with some highly regarded individuals within the flex landscape including Tom Spicer (Swire Properties), Fiona Hardie (Fiona Hardie ID) and Caroline Court (Ericsson). This series was subsequently shot over the course of a number of weeks in both Hong Kong and Shanghai, exploring the dynamic within TEC and the industry at large.

Creating this series was an opportunity to reflect on the legacy of our past and the future potential of our industry. The perspective of a developer, designer and Member are important in situating the current evolutions of the flexible workspace industry. We are incredibly grateful for the time and efforts of our collaborators, Tom Spicer, Fiona Hardie and Caroline Court who helped make this series a reality, and who so generous shared their insights and experiences with us.

Please enjoy this opportunity to glimpse behind the scenes of 'The Flexible Workspace Ecosystem'.