When Space Shapes Relationships

Loop Brands

“As a business owner, as a business manager, I’ve always been fascinated with not what a business needs to be now but what a business needs to be in the future… The ability to expand and contract as opposed to being locked into a fixed lease in a fixed office environment that in both a good and bad way doesn’t allow for growth.” - Ed Kirk, Managing Director of Loop Brands


Behind the Scenes


Coworking To Connect | Sydney Digital Marketing


Sydney Digital Marketing were one of the first Members at our Three International Tower Centre in Sydney. Hear about their experience as Coworking Members in this highly interactive space, and see firsthand the power of flexible workspaces when it comes to generating new business and grow your professional network.

Uplifting Our Community | The Executive Centre


The design of our Centre at Three International Towers was deliberately contrived to encourage connection and collaboration among our community. Hear from our City Head, Josh Alfafara and Community Manger, Kim Seychell on how they have helped nurture relationships among our Sydney network.