presents: The Art & Science of Design

The Art & Science of Design


Our Partners


Fiona Hardie ID

Fiona Hardie has worked with TEC on the design of our centres since 2005 and is one of our most longstanding collaborators. Her experience has contributed to the evolution of our design ethos and Member experience.      

Timothy Oulton

Timothy Oulton designs seamlessly balance work and life obligations, creating a uniquely comforting and comfortable experience for Members. The quality of these pieces is a hallmark of the experience everyone can enjoy at The Executive Centre.


9AM’s mission is to create a healthier and smarter workspace. They have partnered with us since 2016 to provide Members with creative and inspiring products that  solve problems associated with traditional workspaces and ways of working.

Herman Miller

Herman Miller's Aeron Chair is a ubiquitous feature in all Executive Centres. Our partnership has developed thanks to a shared appreciation of inspired design as a conduit to a better way of living and working.         


THE Design Report

There is both an art and science to design. 

TEC has collaborated with Timothy Oulton, Herman Miller, 9AM and Fiona Hardie ID to share their expert insights on this topic as we consider how and why we can create a space that is truly designed for your success.

This report draws on unique internal data gathered by The Executive Centre in our more than 24 years of operation and offers an examination of the evolving design and aesthetic principles of TEC and the flex industry through the lens of key design partners. 


Behind The Scenes

Explore the making of 'The Art & Science of Design'

Over a period of several months we shot many, many hours of footage with some of our key design collaborators. Passionate conversations, inspired questions and deep reflection produced 'The Art & Science of Design'.

Come behind the scenes and discover our creative process. 



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